Office of the Mayor

Office of the Mayor

Today, Alexandria is moving into the 21st century at an intense pace, establishing itself as an innovator in public policy, infrastructure investment, smart growth, workforce development, public-private partnerships, and urban renewal. The work is not finished, but because of Mayor Roy’s leadership, it is well underway. 

Mayor Roy understands that for Alexandria to compete in the 21st century, it must become a 21st century city. We invite you to explore this website and learn about Mayor Roy’s accomplishments, his priorities, and his vision for our shared future. We welcome your questions and your feedback, and we ask for your support and your participation in moving this City forward.  

Addressing Policing Needs, Crime and Drug Activity

Jacques Roy has made community policing a top priority, commissioning an objective audit and acting on its conclusions. As a result, residents will increase their voice in how the police protect their neighborhoods, and police work more closely with neighborhood communities. In addition, Jacques Roy has re-organized the department and made significant investments in technology that provide police with the tools they need to more effectively combat crime and drugs.

Now, the plan will involve neighborhood leadership creating the "contracts" indicating the levels of toleration for various issues. 

Creating Jobs, Growing the Economy and Investing in Infrastructure

Jacques Roy’s SPARC program creating redevelopment corridors is bringing millions of dollars to distressed parts of Alexandria by investing in infrastructure. These targeted public investments allow the private sector to do what it does best: create good paying jobs while improving the quality of life for all citizens. The SPARC program will pay dividends throughout the entire city for many years to come, without raising taxes. As promised when he ran four years ago, Mayor Roy created the most significant economic development initiative in the City’s history.

That program has been forcefully adopted by citizens by the affirmative vote of support.

Open Government that Works for the People

Jacques Roy has brought accountability to city government to give taxpayers confidence their money is being spent wisely. His leadership especially is needed in these tough economic times. Roy has cracked down on big wasteful payments to outside groups and has hired professionals, not political cronies, to manage city business.